Men's Patriotic American (4th of July) Crew Dress Socks (Sock Size 10-13)
  • Men's Patriotic American (4th of July) Crew Dress Socks (Sock Size 10-13)

Men's Holiday Fun, Colorful and Cool Crew Socks - Christmas and Halloween (Sock Size 10-13)

  • Men's Crew Socks With Fun Design, *Made in Korea*
  • Material: 80%, cotton, 15% polyester, 5 % spandex.
  • Size: 10-13, (Fits Shoe Size:6-11),
  • Secure Elasticated Tops &Pre-shrunk For Better Fit.
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J. ANN CREW DRESS SOCKS is an item of clothing worn on the feet and often covering the crew or some part of the calf. Some type of shoe or boot is typically worn over socks. J.ANN CREW is a type of Socks. This sort of sock is not long, typically reaching just above the ankle. Crews are sometimes folded or cuffed over. Brave Youth Cotton Athletic Crew Dress Socks mainly for athletic use.

Socks have evolved over the centuries from the earliest models, which were made from animal skins gathered up and tied around the crews. Crew socks are short, thick everyday socks usually ribbed top of the crews.Crew Socks are Adults wearing commonly use them.They have padded heel-and-toe constructions with comfortable and absorbent cushioned soles.Keeping the feet warm but dry while playing.

OCCASION: Wear these for the workout, yoga, running, sports activities.

Cotton sheets made from synthetic fibers because cotton naturally allows your skin to breathe and doesn’t trap heat under the covers. Cotton is strong, tough and not afraid to get its fibers dirty. MATERIAL: 80%,cotton, 15% polyester, 5 % spandex. Thickness: general thickness of wool socks, suitable for autumn and winter.

SHAPE: Improved moisture management / Top help lock the socks in place / New contoured shape and fit.

COLOR:Color Available,1-Pack ( American Eagle), 1-Pack (Stripes), 1-Pack(Stars-Blue HT),1-Pack(Stars-Red HT), 4-Pack ( All)

SIZE:10-13, (Fits Shoe Size:6-11).

PACKAGE: 1-Pair /Pack. *Free Shipping Promotion***, Men's Jacquard Socks with Fun Design, Size: 10-13, (Fits Shoe Size:6-11), Material: 80%, cotton, 15% polyester, 5 % spandex. Secure Elasticated Tops &Pre-shrunk For Better Fit


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